Thursday, September 3, 2009

Toshiba launched three new models

Camileo H30_Angled

Toshiba has updated Camileo HD camcorder with its three new models; the Camileo S20, H30 and X100. All three models offer Full HD resolutions (1920x1080p) a YouTube hotkey is added with the three models and user can send their footages directly to YouTube.

The Camileo S20 is said to be one of the worlds’ slimmest full HD camcorders, which is only 17 mm thick, its features include a 5MP CMOS sensor, has 4x digital zoom. It is capable of shooting 1920x1080p high definition images. S20 has a very attractive and stylish design.

Camileo H30 features include A 10MP CMOS sensor, giving the ease to capture images at Full HD resolution, with its 5x optical and 4x digital zoom, a 3” LCD TFT touch-screen to view the captured videos.

X100, Featuring a highly stylish black or silver design, is at the top of the Camileo HD camcorder series. Features include a highly stylish black or silver design, it combines a 10MP CMOS sensor with a powerful 10x optical zoom lens which delivers images at 1920×1080p Full HD resolution at 30fps. 10x digital zoom expands the zoom up to 100x overall which is perfect for shooting subjects that are beyond the reach of most camcorders. 1080i footage can be captured at a frame rate of 60fps, but the option to shoot WQVA footage (424×240) at 240fps also exists.

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