Sunday, March 28, 2010

Best Web Browsers to play Farmville on Facebook

Although there are some web browsers which are in competition but there are some which are not in competition but they have some particular features which make them special for any particular purpose.

I use Mozilla Firefox, it is obviously the best browser and is faster than other browsers but when I use Facebook chat or Farmville, there is some problem of speed, and Firefox stops responding, so I tried different web browsers and found two browsers which are very good to use Facebook chat and Farmville. Those are

1. Flock


Flock is the award winning social web browser, it is friendly to social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and MySpace etc. It has a very good looking user interface and is easy to use. It is powered by Mozilla.

flock3 It can be downloaded from here.

2. CometBird


CometBird is the second web browser which I found very good at Facebook applications. It is fast when I play Farmville game on Facebook.

cometBird You can download CometBird on the site.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Apple offers 30000 free eBooks with ipad


A news from AppAdvice says that more than 30000 major books will be available free with the iBookstore when the Apple iPad will be available in the market on April 3. These free ebooks will be made available by the Project Gutenberg, the first producer of free ebooks. The free ebooks application will not be pre-installed on the ipad but User can download it free of cost from any Apple store. Along with free ebook from project Gutenberg, other paid ebooks from important publishers will also be available.

Avira AntiVir Version 10


Avira Antivir version 10 is now available Free. Avira AntiVir is the best Free antivirus which is the best security software for Windows as well as Linux/Unix. Avira AntiVir premium version 10 is also available on trialpay. AntiVir is easy to use as compared to other antivirus softwares. Download Avira free and ensure your computer security.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Download Firefox 3.6.2 to fix the critical security issues


Mozilla has released the update version of Firefox 3.6.2. Since the previous version was having some critical security issue that could potentially allow remote code execution, so this update version fixes all the security and stability issues.

Sony ICF-C71PJ projector clock radio


Sony has unveiled that it is going to release its new ICF-C71PJ projecting clock radio. We have seen projectors integrated into alarm clocks before but this time it is coming from a world famous company. This device has different features like alarm clock, Fm/Am radio, a room temperature thermometer. The time can be projected on ceiling or wall with the projector. It has five different types of soothing nature sounds to be set as the user want. The product is to be released this April and there is no information about its price yet.